Yamaha FZ25 Vs Pulsar NS200?

I am a regular commuter with an average of 30kms per day. I am little inclined towards FZ250 but expecting some expert suggestions on the comparison of these 2 bikes. Below are the basic differences I could identify and the respective doubts i need clarity on -

  1. NS200 - 23bhp - 6 gears - 35Kmpl
    FZ50 - 20bhp - 5 gears - 43Kmpl — Ideally which one is suggestable to go with
  2. FZ - fuel injection Vs NS - carburettor
  3. FZ - air cooled Vs NS - liquid cooled
    Considering these are the major differences and FZ250 is 25k expensive than NS200, will FZ be value for money ??