Wr-v or baleno - petrol

Sir, I want to purchase a car and I can spend 8 lakhs - 2 cars I have shortlisted- 1.honda wr-v, 2.baleno-alpha- sir my requirements are cost effective -efficient in all Sense means looks,mileage, maintenance and resale, moreover I never wants to be a frequent seller and purchaser -wants to keep long term car . As of my choice 1st preference is wr-v, but with features and cost of everything is greater compare to others, 2nd baleno, it’s suspension and it’s reviews are worst to know about, and day by day the sale reducing in the market. Now we are 3 members family ,need to travel 15 kms per day, and it is my first car. Moreover ,I don’t want to sell purchased car in a short time - wants to keep at least 5 years after purchase. So,when I pirchse it can withstand future upcoming cars too. So please please suggest which car I have to bye. Wish you a peaceful and wonderful blessed time ahead. Thanks &regards.

Honestly, I feel you can consider the Hyundai i20 or the Hyundai i20 active for your requirements keeping in mind your budget. You could also alternatively consider the Volkswagen Ameo / polo. Given your daily usage I would suggest the petrol variant as it is both easier to maintain and cheaper to buy. Also resale values of cars in 5 years time will be different from what they are now because newer models will launch and some current models will phase out. Given your budget and requirements I would recommend either the Hyundai i20 or the Volkswagen Ameo if you would prefer a sedan.