Which car stands out in all respect among the three - Duster, Terrano & Creta

@SVP Which car stands out in all respect among the three - Duster, Terrano & Creta.

Duster and terrano are made on the same lines but i would say duster is much more refined when it comes to the riding and handling quality. creta is great but burn a hole in your pocket. it would be splurging if buying creta. it all depends on how you are going to use the car. if you are adventure lover then the car for you is duster. if you want a soft roading city car that looks like an SUV then your car is creta.

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You can also read our comparison story of the Creta vs the Duster to get some more insight

Creta is all good but overpriced, seriously overpriced. Even without cruise control or AWD, it is pretty costly. Terrano and Duster are pretty much the same but Duster has AWD variant on offer plus has a more premium feel than the terrano.

The Duster is overall the winner according to us. The Terrano is really the Duster too, with better looks and a bigger price tag. So not really seeing much value there. Read more in my face-off here: http://auto.ndtv.com/reviews/hyundai-creta-vs-renault-duster-the-search-for-a-new-segment-benchmark-1201657
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Duster and terrano are pretty much the same cars but when it comes to design and element duster takes a higher road standard wise. as far as creta, it is a good car but very costly even when as compared to duster it doesnt awd tech

Ecopsort vs honda brv vs duster 85 ps…which is best and what abt after sale service of all the three brands. I don’t want to buy a car which will dig my pocket after sale.