SUV comparison and performance

Hi Team,

I am planning to buy a petrol AT SUV. Have shortlisted two. Hyundai Tucson and Jeep. Kindly suggest which has a better performance, after service between the two. Or should I wait for Honda HR-V if that is coming to India. I already own a Honda City and love their cars.

Honda HR-V is a good bet but we have no timeline yet on its launch in India. Both the Tucson and the Jeep are good cars with good equipment. Jeep is the more compact of the two and better on driving dynamics, but deliveries for the petrol car have just about started so get ready for a long wait

But Jeep will have issues with it’s service network, since it comes from fiat family, as compared to Tucson. Also, electronic package seems to be better for Tucson. Jeep doesn’t even have maps loaded.