Should KUV, Breeza, Duster & many others be called an SUV or crossover?

SUV’s are known for their off-road capabilities and lugging capacities. In India, any vehicle with a large stance and higher ground clearance have been titled as a mini/sub/compact SUV; specially many of the latest launches this year and in the Auto Expo (they are just to swoon the crowd towards them saying SUV or what bothers me…)

Note: Mini/Sub/compact SUV’s in international markets also come with optional 4WDs! I would rather state these as crossover’.

What do you say? It would be great to highlight these in your CNB shows.

When terming these vehicles as an SUV, I believe its playing foul with the original intention of what SUV stands for. Now in India, SUV seems to have been less redefined while in the international markets, SUV stands for off road capabilities, power, ruggedness, built quality, spaciousness and definitely adventure… It definitely never stands for mileage thou.

Calling these young SUV’s or mini SUV’s is misleading I believe.

A perfect SUV in Indian Market is the Bolero. If you are living in a Hill Station (also where you don’t have proper road) then this is the vehicle you should go for.

@Udaya1411, I’m not planning to buy a Bolero here or any SUV. I was only making a statement of how consumers were being misled by car manufacturers to buy products by saying that their products (some of them) are SUV’s when they are more of a crossover. Its more to do with the styling but I doubt very much how these vehicles will perform when the task gets difficult. Just giving rugged look and high ground clearance does not make it an SUV.

For your information, Bolero is not an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) but it is a UV (Utility Vehicle)!