Should i buy ducati supersport s or not?

I was planning to buy ducati supersport s ( white variant ) and i have a couple of ques to ask
1- is it ok for an amature to buy ducati as i dont have much experience with the bike
2-the city in which i live in does’nt have service centre so whats the catch regarding servicing
3- whats the maintanance cost ( will i get first 3 service for free)

It says 7.7 lack for supersport s variant is it true???

Hi sir,

We suggest that you try and avoid buying a sport bike if you do not have prior experience of superbikes. Also, you will be requiring to take the bike to a authorised dealership for servicing, so that will be a problem. The maintenance cost will be comparitively higher than your regular bikes. The services for premium bikes are not free unless you have subscribed to some plan/program.