Seltos Diesel HTX Manual and Petrol HTX CVT(IVT)

I am planning to buy Seltos HTX variant but not able to decide between Petrol and Diesel. Both HTX Diesel and HTX Petrol HTX (IVT) are priced same. I driver for around 50 per day ( monday to Friday) and once in couple of month will travel 250 Kms. I am fixed with my budget and hence have these 2 option to chose. Petrol IVT will give me easy of drive in city traffic, but i am not convinced by the torq output by petril 1.5 which is 144 Nm as against 1.5 Diesel @ 250 Nm. IVT i suspect will have a lot of lag due to this low Torq and acceleration would be very bad, I tested Diesel 1.5 and the acceleration is good but still not able to test the Petrol one. Can you through some light to make my decision