Royal Enfield Bullet 5oo

Dear Sir, I plan to buy a bike to travel to my rubber plantation which is located some 55 kilometres away from the city where I live. I live in Trivandrum, Kerala. The road to go to my rubber plantation is a highway which has some bends and sharp winding sections for some 45 kilometres. Thereafter, I have to deviate from the highway and travel through a rural village road which has so many potholes and some rough sections here and there. Some sections near my plantation area are not even tarred with rock outcropping here and there. As I plan to travel to my plantation atleast 8 times a month, I plan to take a bullet 500. Which is the best 500 model ? How is the bike ? Or if you have any other better suggestion other than a bullet, say any other brand models. Please, can you help me make my choice. My budget is upto two lakhs rupees.

You need something lightweight to traverse uneven terrain, instead of the Bullet 500.
I believe Hero Moto Corp has something of use to you. Coming very soon. It will be a dual purpose bike in the tradition of their earlier Impulse.
However this time it will be more powerful and totally a Hero R and D product. Wait for it.