Query about Audi Cars

**Hi Experts

Recently Audi was offering lucrative discounts on most of its car starting from A3 to A7 and i then decided to go for Audi A3 35 TFSI technology as i was getting good deal too.Recently I heard Audi CEO getting arrested due to Violation of diesel emissions rules. Now I am confused if i should really go for Audi cars or not though I am going for pertrol variant but still I am not sure the impact of this whole thing on Audi as a brand and also the impact of the same in India. Will it impact the Audi car sales in similar way it impacted Volkswagen (Audi parent company) cars in last 2 years? Will it continue to offers he post sales service as it was offering?

Kindly help me whether I should still go for it or not. Do you think Audi cars value in India would still be the same or how much this incident be impacting the brand value but I really like the car, it’s drive and also the features it offers

Please help in taking this important decision**