Petrol Automatic SUV for 25 lakhs

want to buy petrol automatic suv for the budget of 25 lakhs. I have shortlisted Hyundai Tucson GL AT and Jeep Compass Limited AT. I wish to keep the car for 10 years to justify my cost. I test drove both vehicles. my confusion is on following area.

  1. is DDCT realizable over torque converter over long run and or
    2 1.4 fine compared to 2.0 engine for performance
    3 Jeep offer only 2 airbag where as I get 6 from Tucson and cruise control tool. Is build quality and other electronic aids from jeep compensate lack of 6 airbag. which is safe bet?
    My priority is as follows
    Saftey >service cost>fule efficency
    I regularly follow your shows on very Sunday show . So your opinion will help me to make right decision in my life and long term benefit?
    or Do you suggest to wait for Tucson update or CRV launch in few months.