Opinions on Luxary Sedans

I was looking to buy a premium sedan soon and thought would solicit your inputs to help me decide

Looking to upgrade from My Corolla Altis, car is self driven only with monthly mileage of around 1500 KMS and will be used for my daily commute (so not really a weekend car). I plan to hold on to the car for atleast 7-8 years so want to be sure I spend my money wisely

My Budget is around 45Lakhs and I was looking to choose between the following:

· C Class – Seems to be latest technology with great looks, not sure about the maintenance cost of the mercs though – Costing me around 43lakhs on road Delhi
· E Class – Great discount on the outgoing Edition E, costing me around 50Lakhs on road, willing to stretch my budget if it makes sense to go for this as it gives the additional space for road trips with family, seems feature rich, again not sure of maintenance and mileage

· GT – Love the additional space offered and exterior looks, interior is not as luxurious as merc though, costing me around 48lakhs on raod, feedback from my friend on BMW availability of spares and maintenance cost has not been very encouraging though

· A4 – Outgoing A4 available at great discount, but not as appealing as a merc, not sure of the price of the new model and how it would compare to merc.

Skoda Superb
· New superb seems to be feature rich and offers great value for money though not a premium brand that gives you the kick of driving a real luxury car, again feedback on maintenance has not been good

Would really appreciate your inputs and guidance on the above.

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What I personally feel is that Audi A4 is a good option to go for. I mean, one of my relatives have it and they also use it for daily commute, I don’t know much about other cars (Mercedes, BMW, Skoda) because i haven’t experienced a drive in them. But ya, drive in Audi A4 was totally an amazing experience for me. Also, a suggestion: My relative got it from Big Boy Toyz in Delhi (http://www.bigboytoyz.com/audi/a4), and it does not feel like you’re sitting in a pre-owned car, coz it’s in a really good condition, you can also go for (Pre-Owned) Used Audi A4 (just a suggestion)