Need help in buying new car

Hello Sidharth,
currenttly driving WagonR Vxi 2003 for nearly 14 years now and need some help from you in deciding my next car.
My budget is approx 5-6 lakhs but I am wary of service or parts availability.
Options that i have are
1.Ignis Sigma/Delta petrol — The basic models ignis does not have a TachoMeter - is it very essential.
2.Tiago XZ petrol — Tiago and Polo are 3 cylinder engines - what is the Pros and Cons.
3.Polo Trendline petrol — is service/spares for Polo affordable/good enough.
4. re-registration of the present car and continue for another 5 years- is it worth
I would like to have the New car for another fifteen years,

Dear Venkat, you can confidently go for the Tiago petrol version. It has comfort of a big car plus good economy too. Three Cylinder cars are here to stay so no worries.

Hello Sir,

I have purchased the TIago XZ Petrol version.

I need some clarifications.

1.Can feel the gear knob, the outside mirrors, steering vibrating during idle and also during running. The under bonnet insulation was missing and when asked , was told that Vibration issues were fixed and should not use insulation on Naturally aspirated petrol engine. - but vibrations is still there …is it due to 3 cylinders or missing insulation – please help?

2.The Spare wheel is 13 inches and other wheels are 14inch RIMs. will it not be a problem to drive with one small tyre. (in practical situations where there is no service available in our hill station holidays etc and we need to drive 100 kms)