Need help for New TVS Victor 2016, Engine abnormal heating issue

Dear Team,

I need an expert advise here. I brought the new TVS Victor in June-16. From day 1 of delivery I am facing Engine heat up issue. The engine get heats up abnormally even though my running is around 6Kms and my speed in not exceeding 50Kmph. I complaint same during my 1st servicing @300Km but the service center guy said oil not passing to engine hence heating up and they resolved. The problem got repeated very next day of delivery post service pick up. Now @1000Kms when I escalated matter to TVS, they are saying clutch plates are faulty and due to which there is overheating in Engine.

Need experts advise whether this is possible ?
My problems in bike from day 1 were as follows:

  1. Engine overheating
  2. Getting jerk during 1st time engaging the gear from cold start
  3. Gear shifting and gear getting sleeped on bumpy roads.
  4. Engine vibrations at 4000RPM

Please advise,
Amol Powale.

Ya you will probably right i also buy my new victor BS4 and at 1st day overheating problem accour.plz TVS don’t make fool to your customer …First i buy TVs that it good but when I used i knew it have over heating problem …If TVS employee claim that it wrong then solve my problem ok …If any one say it not true mean he was probably TVS employee…

Sounds like a clutch plate issue. Please follow up with the company and seek their help. Should cover under warranty.

My victor bs4 also suffering with engine overheat issue, i bought my bike on last September 17, only 9000+ kms on my odo. But it has pickup issue, mileage aslo terrible. Some time gave me 50+ , but after long trip(60 to 70kms) it gave me only 40+ milege. Power also reduced itself heavy engine noise like oilless engine, recently i gave it to my mechanic for test drive, he told me its a clutch plate problem, he said my bike is dragging very much to move. But service personnel simply said, BS4 always cause more heat than old version, overheat and engine noise is not a problem!!
From the engine to rear wheel, all the parts were heat like a oven
Definitely, this purchase is a disappointment,
I will never suggest this bike to anyone