Modern Cafe Racer


I am planning to buy a new bike. I was confused with the type of the bike that I have to buy. Basically I am looking for a simple city bike which can also works as an occasional tourer for me.
I was going through the catalog of new bikes. I came across this new HONDA CB150R Exmotion. I like the styling and the features of the bike a lot. With some research, I got to know that this type of bike is classified as Modern Cafe Racers. I also learnt that this particular bike, mentioned above, is not coming to India in the near future.
Now all I want is to know which bikes are available in India in Modern Cafe Racer category and under 2L price tag? Also, if there is any chance that this bike is coming to India, if yes, when?

Please help me choose.

Thanks and Regards.

In England there was a popular haunt of bikers known as ACE Cafe. Over a couple of drinks, bikers used to challenge each other in a straight line and return to see who is fastest. To win these races, the riders modified their bikes, removing everything unnecessary to make them lighter and used every trick in the book to make the bike faster. Hence the term Cafe Racers.

In India the Yamaha MT-15 fits the bill rather nicely and could well be just what you are looking for. A visit to their showroom could change your lifestyle for the better.