Mobilio Experience

@SVP The problems I have had with the mobilio since I bought it: Major Problems: 1) Poor sound insulation and extremely fragile plastic work in the cabin: Since beginning (September 2015) The dealership in Nashik: Rushabh Honda service manager Mr. Tope and sales manager mentioned that regarding poor sound insulation they cannot do anything and Honda is to blame for the same. When you are driving basically at drivers’ seat you have so much noise coming from engine compartment as well as from tire side that even the co-passengers speech is non-hearable. Horrible experience driving at high wind or on cement road too. 2) Continuous issues with in-built GPS system (Media player): it restarts automatically and does not work at all. The problem started in September and I reported it to Honda dealership they asked me to read manual at first and then they removed the system completely for repair, without providing any immediate replacement neither temporary system. Car was without GPS/Music/Reverse camera for almost 2 months. Even after that when they called me to replace the system, the system wasn’t working. It was so horrible experience at Honda showroom Nashik, that I was about lose my temper at once. First they call me at 10:30 am, when I reach there, they tell me that the expert who would fit the system isn’t there. Then they make me wait for almost 3 hours. Then when I go for the inspection, they mention that the music system is not working and may not have been repaired at all. (They had promised that OEM manufacturer has provided brand new system, but system had scratches and did not look brand new at all. Honda dealership seems to be hiding something or all they have done with me are professional lies till now. Minor Problems: 1) Bumpy and uncomfortable ride for last row: Bad experience and uncomfortable ride for last row passengers. 2) Uncomfortable gear shifts: Gear shifts are not as comfortable as it should be for 12 lakh + car. It feels jerky and sometime like what Maruti 800, gear shifts use to be in 90s. 3) Uneven fittings at glow boxes and dash panels: that makes it susceptible to continuous mismatch and it makes cracking/cranky sound while driving. This sound makes me feel I am driving a Jeep from 70s or mid 2 lakh car. 4) Bad finishing at dash board: Unapologetic finishing at various fitting on dash board. Especially at around Airbag compartment in front row co-passenger. 5) I do not get any average above 20 kmpl even when I keep my car as ideal conditions provided. When I bought Honda Mobilio in August 2015, they promised me so many different things and expectations increased accordingly. However, slowly I realized Honda has provided old machinery with low grade material quality in a shiny black box. Overall dealership experience: For almost all the problems they tell me that this must be the issue from manufacturing itself. Whenever they have any issue of noise coming out of joints or settings e.g. seats or glow box latch: they just put tape on it or thick grease kind of material and say there is no permanent solution for the sound coming out of different joints. Plus, setting for the dash board goes off the record and cranky sound experience is very normal. Thin metal and cheap plastic’s use in the car doesn’t help the matter at all. I am running out of patience with so many different reasons and no communication from Honda India. I have called Honda customer care center who provided me the communication id mentioned above and promised that I will get call back within 24 hours. However, I haven’t got any call back till now. I will request you to revert within 24 hours. As well as, I mentioned before during the phone call with customer relationship executive, I am happy to return my car back to Honda given whatever sales rep told me was simple lie and Honda brand name and quality doesn’t reflect at all in Mobilio RS (O) which I bought. I am also talking to my lawyer regarding the legal actions and consumer courts’ help in this regard. Just yesterday, I went through all the complaints online on various portals, and realized that there are too many unhappy customers of Honda mobilio and it will be good to have a class action suit against Honda India for providing sub-quality product for extremely high price compared to the Indian market.