Is royal Enfield Thunderbird 350, value for money?

Is royal Enfield Thunderbird 350, value for money??

Depends on what you mean by “value for money”. If you’re looking at fuel consumption and low maintenance costs as value for money, then you’re better off looking at other bikes. If you’re the kind who wants a city bike as well as a decent occasional long distance tourer, then the Thunderbird 350 could satisfy you. What you get is good ride quality, the Royal Enfield brand, and pride of ownership. What you don’t get is - performance, performance and performance! Acceleration is nothing much to talk about, but yes, the torquey engine does make you feel you’re accelerating fast. And top speed - if you’re the kind who wants triple digit touring speeds, then this may not make you happy. (Yes, the Thunderbird 350 can hit 120 kmph, but the engine is not happy doing it; anything above 90 kmph and the engine feel strained and vibey).

Hope this helps.