Is KUV100 worth it?


I have already booked Baleno but just couple of days back Maruti have intimated that my wait time has been revised to 20-24 months Vs 12 weeks earlier

And KUV100 seems to be making lots of noise. Is it worth considering it? I understand that Baleno and KUV100 are different segments but still would like to know

Have also been thinking about Honda Jazz now.

I actually started with Swift and Jazz but Maruti packaged Baleno so brilliantly that after couple of test drives decided to go for Baleno.

havnt taken the test drive of KUV100 but its specs dont look good as compared to Baleno.

Have driven Baleno and for sure KUV100 wont be able to match the ride quality or space of a baleno.
Jazz is ok bit overpriced n missing a peppy engine compared to its size.

if you are not an enthusiast, then baleno is a good choice for a reliable car.
you also need to consider the cost of ownership n after sale service. Mahindra cannot match with maruti in this case.


Agree to your points abt Jazz n Baleno.

But Maruti to isn’t doing anything to meet demand. Which is very frustrating. 6 months wait is a long time…

N that’s my reason to look for other options. Jazz has delivery time of 2weeks!