Hyundai Elite i20 Vs i20 Active Vs Honda Jazz Vs Ford Figo Aspire

I want to buy a new car, right now I have a Hyundai i10 I drive 40-50 Kms a day but I am out of town for 10 days cause of the nature of my job. I started to compare Honda Jazz and Elite i20. My friends advised me why spend 8 Lakhs on a hatch back, go for a sedan. I have finally liked Ford Figo Aspire(1.2 petrol) after a test drive of Hyundai Xcent, Honda Amaze, but now my friends are saying the after sales service and resale value of Ford cars is doubtful plus Aspire is new so don’t knw how good is the decision to buy it! I really like Jazz but Elite i20 comes with more features in lesser price…I am totally confused! I want to buy a car in 7-8lakhs max.

If security is priority I will prefer Honda jazz as it contains two airbags from mid version onwards whereas in elite i20 has 2 airbags only in asta model. If petrol then jazz…if diesel elite i20 is better

Your question is reflective of a dilemma faced by so many! The simple point is this. A subcompact sedan is based on a hatch and is compromised to fit into the 4 metre length. A premium hatch though has no such constraints and is therefore a better built, bigger platform car with greater stability and ride comfort. So I disagree with your friends and advise you to buy a premium hatch over a small sedan any day! Having said that the Figo Aspire (and Figo hatch) are well engineered and well built products. Given you plan a lot of highway driving I think the Honda Jazz (with airbags/ABS) should be your best bet. SVP

I want to sell my wagonR cng on paper

Even you can go for MS Baleno.Baleno Offers descent riding quality comare to i20 and jazz. The Jazz is most powerful in its class. i20 needs to be updated since its old design. Considering the price point I would suggest you for Baleno. The airbags and ABS is default in all veriants. The quality of material s used is rich compare to other Maruti Suzuki cars. The Baleno vs i20 vs jazz comparison