How many of you think that Creta is really overpriced?

The car does not even look like a full size SUV.

Very overpriced if you ask me. body contouring with black bumpers was the biggest turn off, no 4WD, no cruise control and still pricing is way too high, would rather buy duster instead.

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the car creata is over priced.

I was a lone voice on the day of its launch saying so! Then the S-Cross came along and suddenly the Creta’s prices looked great! I do agree it is overpriced but Hyundai has got great margins as a result. Hopefully some of those profits will go into bringing even better built products to us!

Way overpriced. As far as the S cross is concerned, it is fairly good but again the SUV design is lacking, it looks really small. Creta is way overpriced as compared to the Duster even when it is much better than the Creta overall.

Yes, overpriced. would rather go with Duster.

It is man…i was test driving the car when the salesperson said 18.5 for top variant…couldnt believe it.

Yes it is. There are many more with same budget. Recently launched Vitara brezza from maruti is good option.

I m buying scross 1.3 zeta . Is it good car. Should i go ahead???