Confused about which variant to buy?

Sir I’m interested to buy Skoda Octavia. I want to buy ambition plus model petrol but confused between engines. Whether to go for 1.4 tsi or 1.8 tsi. My daily ride is around 50 km. I enquired about Skoda Octavia 1.8 tsi & 1.4 tsi mileage at showroom & they told me both will show around 11-12 mileage because 1.8 has a DSG gear box. So it shows same mileage when compared with 1.4 tsi manual transmission . Is it true sir ?? In brochure actually it’s mentioned as 16.8 for 1.4 tsi engine and 14.7 for 1.8 tsi engine. And which gear box is good automatic or manual. Currently I’ve swift vxi.


I suggest you to test drive new Toyota Corolla before making the purchaase. It’s an excellent VFM car. Mileage depends on certain parameters like how you drive the car, maintenance of the car, driving conditions, roads etc. More or less the mileage of both the 1.4 and 1.8 will be the same and don’t expect mileage to be more than 10 kmpl. However, go for DSG automatic for the technology it offers and the driving comfort. Please remember that maintaining a Skoda and selling it in second hand market is still a big challenge.

Hope it helps!

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