Confused about my decision to go for xuv w10

Desi SUV - Will it survive its stipulated (Designed) Life???

I have made my mind and test driven the XUV 500 W10 FWD model and I am for the vehicle. I am particularly impressed with the dozens of features loaded in the vehicle. Apart from this the dream to own a SUV and the macho finish are what interests me. The 7 seater option is a welcome feature for my decision but more than 7 seater option the sun roof plays an important factor.

What I dislike is the pathetic rear look, the size of rear windscreen and rear lights arranged in a ladder fashion. However with these drawbacks I still am looking forward for the purchase.

But what holds me is the negative feedback of XUV in the friends circle. The feedback points I received are as under:-
Mahindra does not stand for quality.
Mahindra service is very poor and dealers /service stations are not equipped with trained people.
Problems in touch screen of the music system.
Lot many complaints regarding windscreen cracks on internet.
Hyundai creta is better than Mahindra XUV. Go for creta top end model for problem free vehicle
Engine sound is irritating.
Inspite of regular servicing the car will complain of nagging problems. There will always be some issue or the other.
People also say that the vehicle is a short term vehicle. Will last for not more than 5-6 years. But actually I am looking for a vehicle which should last atleast for 10 years.

Sir, I am confused and don’t understand whether purchase of XUV would be the correct decision. This will be my third vehicle. The first one was indica which was purchased in 2000 and second vehicle is my SX4 VXi which I bought in 2010. I am completely satisfied with SX4 the vehicle in a macho sedan. It has clocked only 37000 kms and no problem whatsoever. But I want an upgrade. I am a govt salaried person who might fall in the middle or higher middle class income group. So with these facts in mind kindly advise the following:-

What is the alternative of XUV 500 which can fit in the budget without extending it.
How does Honda BRV compare with XUV 500? Does it have a sunroof?How is the ride?
How is creata compared with XUV 500? Does it have a sun roof?
Finally Should I purchase XUV 500 W 10 FWD? What problems I am likely to face?

Hope you would get time to reply back to my queries. Keeping my fingers crossed till then.

Thank you in advance