Comparison of CBR 250 - KTM RC 390 - RE Himalayan - RE TB 500

Which is better from the RE Thunder bird 500 and RE Himalayan

My current ride is CBR250 ABS, I wish to change the same, my commute is mostly daily and an occassional ride in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, the priorities are good comfortable ride, speedy yet comfortable , atleast the bike shud manage 110 comfortably through Mumbai Bangalore highways, also affordable service and long lasting parts, I also have a thot to KTM RC 390, because I like speed and pickups especially with is HP and Torque

Please recommend whether i shud go for TB500, Himalayan,KTM RC 390 or should simply keep my four year old CBR250R?

Hi sir,

in all honesty, I believe you are wanting a bit too much from a single bike. The KTM RC390 of course is a fast bike but not very comfortable. The RE Himalayan seems to suit your needs but will not be able to hold up a speed of 110 kmph for hours together. It is not exactly reliable either. The RE TB 500 is one motorcycle that you could look at purchasing. But in either case, you will have to forego at least one of your priorities. If it the need for speed that drives you, the KTM 390 Duke is not a bad bet either. It is fully loaded with features and in a few weeks’ time, the 2017 model will be launched as well.