Bonneville T100 or Versys 650

I am just entering my 40s and having lived with my Enfield TB350 for the last 8 years, am now looking for an upgrade. I have done Leh and now planning my next adventure and hence the new set of wheels.

I am confused between Bonnie T100 and Versys 650. I think Versys is more suitable for the long tour ahead but not sure of its usability as a daily or 2/3 day per week commutability. I love the Bonnie design but just want to know if I can do a 3000km road trip spread over 20 days on this one.

Can someone please help and let me know if you have done the long rides on the Bonnie.

Thank you,

Samit Mhatre

Hi, the Versys 650 is a very capable machine, but primarily is a sport-tourer. The Bonneville T100 is of course a modern classic, and looks retro, and both bikes look very different design-wise. If you really like the classic design, then why not also take a look at the new Triumph Street Scrambler?

if you are + 5’11" get a Versys, and you can also buy a second hand some 100 cc bike if you like for your daily commute. Life starts at 40 man, look I’m 47 and next year I’m planning to buy a Versys 650. Good Luck!