Activa 5g vs Hero Maestro - Comparison of actual performance

i am confused to buy between hero maestro and honda activa 5g.
My decision would depend upon features available in activa 5G.
Mestro provides some features like immobilizer, mobile charging etc.
Could you advice whether such features are available in 5G model.

Also, my requirements is to travel 60km daily. Please suggest.

I recently bought activa 125cc, this when i realized that honda are successful because of there refined engine… smooth acceleration and better throttle response
People might say that it will vibrate over time, but i feel that if they are not maintained properly only then they will vibrate…
Also that the new model activa 5g is way too good
You can rely on honda as honda is in thi segment years before hero was hero honda…
And even in terms of re sale honda is miles ahead…
Just make sure to get it serviced only at authorized service centre, cause that way you will increase engine life as well as have a joyful ride always