150 cc bike with mileage iver 50

I am confused which bike to buy.
Bajaj Pulsar 150cc,TVSApache RTR160 or Suzuki Gixxer.Bike will run 2400km per month.
1600km on NH and 800km in city.
I need a good mileage.
Pls suggesst.

If u need high mileage go for gixxer u get an average of 54. Apache is powerful than gixxer but u need to sacrifice a bit on mileage. Personally I don’t recommend pulsar bcoz it’s outdated and not a fan of it. But if u have craze to own a pulsar go for it.

Why dnt you try hornet
Its 160 cc
New version has led headlamps
And my brother uses it for daily commute of 40 kms
I never heard him complaining
Its nice mileage…
He as wel was confused and i suggested him this and he is happy
Uses it daily on NH and city
Total of 40-70 kms daily

With the proprietary twin spark technology, Bajaj are able to run their engine, with a leaner fuel setting, yet able to get sufficient power from the same. Yet they may run slightly hotter than your average engine, which causes the engine block to loose it’s colour after a few years, compared to the rest of the engine. However this is a very small price to pay for an otherwise powerful yet fuel efficient bike.

The new model comes with many internal reinforcements which make it a superb value proposition. Go for it. Pulsar 150.