What are your expectations from Auto Expo 2016?

Auto Expo is coming up sooner than we think! Feb 2016 isn’t far now is it :slight_smile:
Would be great to hear from you all.

Happy New Year

I am looking forward to seeing some great cars & bikes which are specially made ‘for’ India and which might change the entire automobile scenario in the coming years. Also interesting will be to see how aggressive are the Indian Automobile Manufacturers to the recent developments in rules in the NCR. I also wish to see a Twin-cylinder Enfiled to take on the likes Harley-Davidson & Triumph head on.

One most important part I would like to see this time is the effort and innovation made by Indian auto manufacturers on usage of alternate fuel and production versions of pollution free vehicles,which is the need of the hour.

Else all these autos will become dinosuars sooner than later with states emulating each other to control pollution like odd even,null not null, etc.