Tesla Cars For Indian Roads

Hi Guys,
Has anyone owning a Tesla and how good the car is especially for Indian roads. What about the parts and how easy to get them if needed?
One of my friends were able to get used car parts for Tesla from Australian wreckers like Atlas car removals and Premier car removals

Hello Ranjan,

That’s correct, There are some companies where you can get used car parts for Tesla in Australia. Recently, i just got new pieces from Best West Car Removal in Perth but i don’t know about Tesla in India.

Hi Blanchad
Thanks for the reply. I was browsing for the Tesla car prices in Australia NSW and was shocked how much they charge for the Luxury tax. There is a big difference in price compared to USA. They don’t charge Luxury ax so there is a big price difference.
I also checked other wreckers for Tesla used parts and figured out in Sydney there is a wrecker who had some Tesla parts not sure for which model where you can check Mega car removal Sydney

you can buy a Tesla in India but it is very costly as there’s a 100% import duty on it. As far as parts are concerned, Tesla does not have an authorised service centre in India, so service is an issue