Tata Tiago Top (XZ) - Petrol or Maruti Baleno Sigma (Basic)

Kindly advise me on my First Car.

I made a budget of Rs.5 Lakhs for new car, considring the safety features in Tata Tiago I have extended it to Rs.5.6 lakhs for its Tata XZ petrol.

I have checked the Maruti’s Baleno Sigma Petrol which is costing Rs. 6 lakhs.
Which in turn a Proven Brand, big in size and looks wise great.

Now, i have a dialloma whether should I go for Baleno with little lesser feature @ 6 Lakhs or Tata Tiago Top model @ Rs.5.5 Lakhs.

  1. Is Buying Tata vehicle will be a reliable option or not
  2. Which one is the best option. Please advise me considering their engine, performance, reliability and maintenance cost.

Looking forward for your reply.