Sedan vs SUV confusion....To buy budget max 14lacs

Hello Team,
I have been driving Honda City (petrol MT) since past 11 years now, but my younger brother chose to pick my car rather buying new. Now arises my problem, where I seek your help/guidance/clarity…
As I plan to buy a new 4-wheeler, I am now confused between the below 3 -
MnM XUV300 W8
Honda City VX
Hyundai Venue (can wait a month or 2, if it really is worth considering my driving and requirements)

Driving - mostly city (Jaipur) but not conjusted lanes, with avg 700-800kms a month. However do have some long runs for places on vacation/work, but not preferably more than 500-550kms away one side! Prefer a car with smooth driveability, suspension and acceleration performance with style/look.
Rest, I need that the rear seat should be comfortable for accommodating 3 avg built adults…decent boot-space for luggage of 2-3 people. I prefer manual transmission and petrol variants.
I would be grateful, if you can suggest the best pick…

first you need to clarify which segment car you want based on that on;y we can shortlist

Confused between… all are in range of 10-14lacs bracket.
City VX (petrol MT)
XUV300 W8 (petrol)
Venue (petrol variant)

More details and/or requirements for reference in my original post, pls! Thnx

I was also in similar confusion , with city/creta. I test drove both type of vehicles in both segments with family. I found that the SUV offer better visibilty, boot space is more flexible(withseats down you can put a cycle) and mainly in bangalore bad roads it better to SUV. Sedan’s bucket seating was not preferred by family even though the ride quality is better. Its better test drive vehicles in both segments and decide.