Pending registration of my BS-IV scooter in Maharashtra state/India

Hello All,
I booked new Suzuki Access-125 DIsc variant(BS-IV model) on 30th March 2020 here in Pune.
I paid full amount over a phone on the same day, whilst dealer promised me that all paperwork, delivery will be done once lock-down lifted in coming days But it gets extended until first week of June.
On 10th June 2020, I got delivery of scooter with some accessories but registration was still pending. Dealer said it will be done in coming days and provided me print out of registration of vehicle on ‘e-vahan’ website - dated ‘30th April 2020’ and showed status as ‘pending inspection of vehicle from RTO’.
Last week, Supreme court of India, prohibited registration of all BS-IV vehicles sold after 25th March 2020.
My question is;

  1. I am not able ride scooter in the city since registration is still pending and I fear traffic cop could fined if I caught driving without number and registration
  2. I haven’t received documents such as Road Tax, Insurance & payment receipt etc from dealer.
  3. What will happen to registration of all BS-IV pending vehicles? Will dealer recall all sold vehicles if SC kept prohibiting registration? I am in trapped situation don’t know what to do next, Please help me!