MUV in India: Looking for a car with seating capacity and boot space

We are looking to buy a MUV as we have twin infants and we would like to use car seats. We are exploring Innova crystal, but for the cost, we are paying, we still have to compromise on may critical features. For e.g. Cruise control and many other features is available only in the 7 seaters top end model but not available in 8 seaters. Their music system doesn’t have car play. I am concerned that bucket seats wouldn’t be most comfortable with twin babies on either side with the mother sitting in the child seat/armrest in between:)

Also, would like the view on Petrol vs diesel cars. I believe Innova petrol is not really recommended due to resale value. Considering the environmental issues, we are keen on a petrol version. Any ideas

All we want is a comfortable seating space and luggage space for a family of 5/6.

Any recommendations would be great.