Free flow exhaust for my Zen MPFI 1.0

Am planning to replace my current exhaust system to a free flow exhaust. Needed your inputs if it will affect mileage which is already not so good as its a 15 year old car. I already have a k&n performance air filter installed.

I am not looking for a loud sound but need to improve the performance of the engine.

Unlikely to make a huge difference in performance on such an old engine. You may be better off leaving it be so the car’s resale value isn’t affected. SVP

Thanks SVP for your suggestion. Will still try it out as am not planning to sell my car any time soon. So worth taking a risk. :slight_smile:

Fair enough! Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:
Best regards and wishes for a very happy 2016!

Wish you the same SVP !!!