Ethanol Blended Petrol

Dear Sir,

I sincerely want to thank the “Car and Bike” for helping common man like me to interact with an Automobile expert. Recently Givt of India preponed its BIO-FUEL policy of implementing Ethanol blended Petrol upto 20 in 2033 and the Ethanol blending will keep on increase. Iam planning to purchase a new two wheeler and a Car this year. I want to know whether BS6 compliant vehicle can operate in Ethanol Blended Petrol. If so upto how much percentage it can accommodate without much trouble like E30, E40 and so on. We know that Ethanol is corrosive in nature and it will affect inner layer of Fuel Tank and other plastic & rubber valves. If BS6 engine can run on any Ethanol mix percentage, we can change those inner parts easily through service centers?. On the other hand, if BS6 can accommodate upto certain limited percentage say, 30 r 40., the manufacturers have to change their production accordingly. So, if this case is happening is it better to postpone my plans ?(when we can expect new products which can run on any percentage of ethanol?).
Thanks in Advance

Rajaraman G